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We believe efficiency is contagious. When working with any new practice client, we’re ensuring that they enter an efficiency regiment designed to help them reduce costly human errors.

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Here are MBS, we pride ourselves on running an efficient operation – one that has consistently returned spectacular results for our practice clients. We challenge them to new and higher productivity standards, and assist them to improve their front desk processes, eliminate redundancies, address bottlenecks and delays and reduce errors.

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Many established doctors in the Washington, D.C. area know that they can trust our team to efficiently and successfully manage their claims processes and they rely on us to help them achieve the greatest potential income for their practices.

Before OutCode LLC came into my life, it seemed as if my office was missing something, although I could not put my finger on it until I became a client. With their trusted experience, the loyalty they showed to my staff and I helped with fast and efficient communication. In addition, the in depth guidance of OutCode LLC helped with the hassle of denied claimed. As soon as that was resolved, there was a rise in revenue.They take away many burdens from an already stressful job.

Dr.Jamal Fadul,

As a busy professional, I have found it hard to find a reliable and trustworthy billing service in the Washington, D.C. area. When I came across OutCode LLC, it seemed as if my concerns and issues involving my business disappeared right after our business relationship began. Right off the bat, their helpful billing tips and consultation proved to me that they were a dynamic and efficient company that I would benefit from using.

Dr. Ahmed Kafaji, Saint Marys Neurology & Spine,